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AI moves fast. It is hard to overstate how just new everything in machine learning is. Twitter is the best way to know what happens, and the best way to show other people what you create.

Furthermore, it’s a good way to connect with people who could make great collaborators or friends. You should have Twitter.

Of course, Twitter is social media, hence it is full of bad actors and bots. I decided upon two simple rules to make it more bearable: (1) mute people who post things you don’t want to waste attention on; (2) block trolls before they interact with your tweets. Always remember what your time is worth.

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If you have (or have read) a cool site along these lines, feel free to send me a link.


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I do not endorse any of the sites above, and especially any people behind those.

A site being here means that it’s either interesting or important. Many things that are important are not good, and many interesting things don’t turn out to be true or useful.