Competitive Programming

I have always been fond of programming contests. In high school, I liked mathematics more, but as an undergraduate my team (University of Zagreb) qualified to the ACM-ICPC World Finals from the Central Europe region. My teammates were Domagoj Bradač and Ivan Lazarić.

I am on Codeforces, although I am not regular anymore. I like the style of problems on Google Code Jam.

The most fun part of competitive programming is authoring problems. It has been a very rewarding hobby during my undergraduate years.

Own problems

I have authored or coathored the following problems 1 2 3:

COCI stands for Croatian Open Competition in Informatics. 4 You can submit solutions to COCI problems on or

I have also helped prepare 30+ other problems for the above competitions.

  1. Unfortunately, authorship records for older problems are incomplete for some of the problems, and there is no clear policy for autorship like in academia. For COCI, the best approximation of the set of coauthors may be found in the solution pdfs.↩︎

  2. In these problems, I have supplied the abstract problem idea and/or solution, together with the code of the solution, and sometimes test cases and checkers too. The problem statements are decided by the contest coordinators.↩︎

  3. All of the above problems were considered original (as in, never posed as competition problems before) at the time of the contest. However, similar problems may have appeared somewhere else. The ownership of the problem statements and solutions is regulated by the respective contest licenses.↩︎

  4. Those are the main contests for Croatian high school students. The competition is mirrored online for an international audience, and several world-class competitive programmers such as Bruce Merry and Jaehyun Koo compete regularly.↩︎