Hi, I’m Daniel! I am interested in machine learning.

I am a Master student of Mathematics at ETH Zurich.

I like to write about cool stuff I learn, so I don’t forget it. During my studies, I have mostly been writing for myself. I’d like to share more.

My research focus has been in deep learning theory. Here are some questions that I find interesting. However, I’m pretty open to other topics related to machine learning.


I’m from Zadar, Croatia. During my high school days, I liked doing mathematics a lot; this resulted in three medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

I went to University of Zagreb for my undergrad in Mathematics. During my studies, I did internships at Photomath, Stype and Microsoft.

I applied to ETH Zurich for my Master studies; and now I am a Mathematics Master student in Zurich on an ETH Foundation scholarship.

Now I am working on some interesting questions in machine learning.

I have been using Linux for a long time - see my setup.

I sometimes create competitive programming problems as a hobby.


If you have anything that could interest me, write me an email to .